Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bailey Bay Hot Springs Camping Trip

Well the sun was shining, which is rare here in Ketchikan. So my every loving husband and I decided to escape the city and head for the mountains. We took a 2 hour boat ride north of Ketchikan and hiked up to the Bailey Bay hot springs. The hike was quite interesting because we had to hike through a waterfall, which was pretty treacherous and wet. Kenai didn’t even like the waterfall part – she looked at Jeremy like help!!! Pick me up!!! But we made it through without falling and then proceeded to get in a canoe and row back to the hot springs and shelter. Man what a beautiful trip it was, on Tuesday it must have been about 80 degrees. I was even hot and that doesn’t happen unless it is really warm. It was a relaxing time and we enjoyed spending time together away from the rest of the world. Jeremy spent most of the time in the hot springs, with the dog! But he did start to get kind of bored though because there wasn’t anything to kill. Go figure. We got a couple bites on the ole' fly rod but nothing spectacular. I will make sure our next adventure entails killing something so he doesn’t get bored!