Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things I've learned

So I've learned something about myself since getting married and having children. I know you're surprised about this...Haha

One thing I've learned is to let go. I used to be very systematic about things. For example; everything in my cupboards always went a certain way. You could look in my cupboards on any given day and it was complete organization. Small plates stacked on top of bigger plates, bowls nicely nesting inside one another. It was cozy cupboard love.

Then I got married and found plates on top of bowls and little plates under big plates, you get the point.  It used to drive me insane. Now I've learned to let go and be happy the dishes are clean.
Now a clean dog...that is another story.

I also used to hang my clothes according to color. It was like looking at a happy bag of skittles everytime I opened my closest. Now I'm lucky to get the clothes hung up. Sometimes I'm in such a hurry to get it all done, while the children are not needing me, I fold them inside out and stuff them in the drawers.

Again letting go. I do cringe a little bit from time to time. But then I think, what is more important? Playing legos with my 3 year old or having complete order in my house? There will always be housework but my 3 year old will someday be 18 and leaving the nest. I can organize my cupboards then.

*Side note: this does not mean it looks like a bomb or in my case 4 Baums went off in my house. I do clean just don't organize every single detail of my house. It is a more macrocleaning then a microcleaning (yeah I took economics in college.)

It has taken me awhile to get to this point but it all comes down to what is important in life. When I get to Heaven is God going to say, "Well done thy good and faithful servant! You maintained an organized closet and cupboards. However, you were too busy mainting those things to truly nurture your children." Or is he going to say, "Well done thy good and faithful servant! You have raised two amazing godly woman."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Veggies are even better when you pick them!

She ate them all.


Buffalo chicken salad

Veggies from the garden are so delicious especially topped with buffalo chicken!


Boating with kids

Boating with kids can be a grand adventure or a total disaster! There are a couple things you must have to make it a success.

#1 - Good Weather! Be sure to check the forecast ahead of time. You really do NOT want to get stuck in bad weather with little ones.

#2 - Larger boat with an enclosed cabin
#3 - Heater on above mentioned boat - cold kids means cranky kids. Cold mama means super cranky mama!
#4 - Lots of great snacks - for some reason everyone is hungry all the time while on the boat. Donuts are a must have according to my oldest daughter!
#5 - Juice boxes - keeps juice from spilling all over the place when the boat rocks.
This is mama sans a cup of coffee but with super awesome camping hair
#6 - Coffee - lots of coffee to keep Mama awake and warm.

#7 - Fishing poles - kids LOVE to fish. Mama LOVES to catch fish! Or just give the kid a bait fish to play with, that always works too!
#8 - Sleeping bags and blankets! Kids love to play in them and when mama gets tired she likes to roll up in them and let dad run the show while she naps.

#9 - A rubber Raft - it is great for rowing to shore but can also be filled up with water to make a great swimming pool or bathtub!

#10 - Portable DVD player - when they get REALLY bored I bring this out as my secret weapon. But use only as a last means of sanity.
#11 - Last but definitely not least! Always make sure your little fish are wearing their life jackets! They must wear them if outside of the cabin or if you are in rough seas! Remember kids don't float and they sure look cute all squished in a life jacket :) hehe Start them young and as they grow they don't mind it at all!

House Updates

Jeremy put house projects on the back burner this spring but now he is back to building! It's really neat to see the old come off and the new going up. For me it's really hard to mentally visualize how things will look once the project is complete. Now with the framing going up I can really visualize it!

Upstairs looking from living room toward master suite

Upstairs living room and master bath windows

Looking from living room toward my office downstairs

Master bedroom

Window over door - we are thinking half moon, porthole or maybe hexagon. Not sure yet.

The blue house is in forclosure so we paid the old owner to let us cut down 4 trees on his property. He's real hard up for money. Now we can see all the way to the lighthouse island!

Downstairs apartment kitchen!

Oh how life has changed...

Katie Lynn - Born December 29, 2010
The year 2011 started off with a lot of changes for Da Baum house!

With the addition of Katie Lynn, Kristi quit her job-Yahoo!!!

Jeremy bought a new boat! 22' Hewescraft!

We planted a large garden! Broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, asparagus, carrots,
peas, lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, roses, flowers you get the point

We've been enjoying life!

With the addition of the new boat and the great weather we've put the house remodeling on hold for awhile! Instead we've gone on some amazing camping and fishing adventures! One super sunny weekend we headed south of Ketchikan to a place called Boca de Quadra where there are these amazing white sandy beaches we love to play on!

Jeremy and Katie Bug on her first camping trip!
Dad forgot his hat so fashioned one out of a baby blanket!

Hannah doing serious work!

The dogs have even enjoyed our camping adventures! 

I think we wore the yellow dog out..

Brown dog keeping watch-
never know when there might be something to kill