Sunday, July 08, 2007

Da Baum's as Kids

As we are looking forward to the birth of our 1st child,
we took a look back at some of our childhood photos.
Some are definitely worth sharing!

Jeremy's 1st Birthday
Jeremy's 1st steps
Jeremy's 1st Beer
Jeremy's 1st Deer
Jeremy's 1st fish
Kristi as a baby - held by her brother!
1st time Kristi was dropped on her head! just kidding!
Kristi as a little girl!
Kristi and her brother Michael
Kristi trout fishing

Kristi's Trout!

These pictures were taken in July of 2000.

The summer Jeremy & Kristi met.

Jeremy and Tigger - the coolest cat ever! May he rest in peace!

Awh aren't they precious!
Kristi's 62 pound Kenai River King Salmon!

I could barely hold this monster!

Notice, Kristi's fish is bigger than Jeremy's!

Kristi LOVES to play with her food!

Da Baum View

View of our house from the beach!

View of Guard Island - the lighthouse island!

View from our beach!

Shylo LOVES living on the beach!

View from the porch!

View from our kitchen!

Jeremy Bunyan

These pictures are of my genius husband chopping down a gigantic cedar tree,
which was just 2 feet from our bedroom window!

Jeremy chopping down the giant Cedar tree!

Jeremy jacking up the Cedar tree - literally!

The chain on the tree in the previous picture

was attached to the back of his truck, creating tension!

Jeremy's cedar head!

Isn't he a stud!

The fallen star!

Jeremy and his little saw!

Kenai loved her new bird viewing spot!