Tuesday, October 17, 2006


We made it back from another great vacation to visit Jeremy’s family in Florida.

Our first day fishing we took Jeremy’s sister, Jessica and her husband Ryan out. It was a blast. I limited out on Mackerel (2) and Ryan caught a Barracuda. Jeremy and Jessica were farming that day. Jessica couldn’t seem to get a fish to the boat and if she did Jeremy would knock it off the hook back into the ocean! Haha!

Ryan definitely was the hero that day. His son Cody was so excited to hold the Barracuda. He kept saying, “Aunt Kristi take another picture of me and the Barracuda.” That was after everyone had taken several shots of him and the giant toothed fish.

The parents took us to a state park, in Port St. Joe, Florida, to go camping and fishing. It was a blast and our highlight of the trip. I got to lie on the beach and Jeremy caught a 6’ tarpon – all on the same morning.

Port St. Joe was a neat place. Beautiful beaches just like Destin/Ft. Walton Beach and great fishing. We caught a variety of fish; from different types of bait fish to King Mackerel, Blues, Tarpon, Red trout and sea trout. It was a complete blast! We got up everyday at 4 a.m. to go see what we could catch.

Port St. Joe is also a butterfly sanctuary so there were literally millions of butterflies all over the place. The downside to this was the bugs were pretty bad because they don’t spray pesticides to kill all the nasty bugs because of the butterflies.

Here is a picture of our camping accommodations! Pretty nice camper they have. We slept in the bed that doubles as a table – not too comfy. My head was touching one wall and my feet, the other. But all the same it was cozy!

Florida sunset!