Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saga of the sick baby girl

The sick baby saga continues...
Sick Baby Girl

Thursday I decided to take Hannah to the medical clinic here in Kenai, as she wasn’t getting better like Dr. Herron said she would. Thankfully they were able to fit her in – none of the pediatric clinics are taking new patients. Baby boom or some business… :}
Oh so sick...

After x-rays and a nebulizer they sent me packing as fast as I could go - to the EMERGENCY ROOM! I was kinda freaked out by the intensity of the clinic doctor. I think she thought I’m a bad mom and was trying to freak me out. I started praying the minute I hopped in the truck.

So sad...

I started singing the song “My God will supply all my needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus,” which is actually Philippians 4:19.

We made it to the hospital with minimal speeding, except my heart was going about a million miles an hour. When we arrived they were expecting us and immediately rushed us to a room. All the sudden 3 doctors and 2 nurses rushed in and started poking, prodding, peering, listening and more to my baby girl. It was around shift change time so every 2 minutes someone new was walking in the door to look at my baby. We both shed a few tears to say the least. Thankfully she was a champ and endured it pretty well, better than I would have if I were in her position.

Laying in bed, hooked up to machines

After blood work and x-rays (they put her in this contraption which looked something similar to mid-evil torture chamber) they told me our baby girl has pneumonia and we were being admitted to the hospital!!! I started crying then...That morning I read in the paper Cameron Diaz's dad just died of pneumonia and he was 58, not a mere 6 months old...

Boy did I start praying even harder...

Prayer is a powerful thing

Hannah has drastically improved and is back to her smiley self, as long as the nurses and doctors quit poking and prodding at her. It seemed like every time she finally fell asleep someone would come in and wake her up. Last night she was down and out – counting serious sheep, when along came her night nurse to hook up her antibiotics to her IV. Low and behold she woke her up. Then this morning the CAN came and wanted to wake her up to weigh her at 6am. Monster mom almost came out. I said, no you will not wake my baby up. Come back later and they did!

Watching her movie

Thankfully today, Saturday, we got to go home!! I started lobbying all the nurses on Friday morning to convince the doctor to let us go home and do out-patient antibiotics. (Thanks to some advice from my personal nurse Jenn.) Praise the Lord it worked! This morning the doctor came in and said, “How would you feel about going home today and coming back in the evenings to do the antibiotics?” I said YES PLEASE!!!

Hannah is feeling much better!

Now we are home and she is getting good sleep! Thank you for all your prayers. We have two more rounds of antibiotics then a drs visit on Monday. I pray he will give her a clean bill of health and we can start enjoying our vacation!

Our smiley girl is back!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We made it! Sort of...

Candi & Sunny (Shylo's mom and brother)

Hannah & Kristi made it to Kenai! Hannah LOVES the dogs!! The first night we were here she was so happy to see them. She kept trying to grab them and eat their noses! It was really cute because they were so interested in her too! (For those who don't know, Kristi's mom breeds Labrador retrievers and has somewhere around 11 dogs! Only 3 are inside though.)

That all changed the next morning, because Hannah got the flu! She had the beginnings of the cold before we flew up here but it went full bore on Sunday. Her fever has been ranging from 101-103.5 for the past few days. The poor baby is miserable.

On Sunday after church my dad and step-mom through a party for Hannah with all the family but the princess couldn't attend her own party cause she was so sick. She's only been waking up long enough to eat then falls right back to sleep. I thank the Lord at least she is eating. It's been a bummer because we can't do anything or visit anyone. :(

Last night she was up from 3-4:30 coughing then crying then coughing then crying. After a few minutes of that I turned the shower on hot and closed the bathroom doors. The steam helped but she was still crying so I stripped her down and put her in the bath. She fell asleep in the bath! Then I wrapped her up and put her back to bed! Amazingly I was able to get her diaper and pjs back on without making her cry again! :) WOOHOO

I think her fever broke last night because she finally smiled at me for the first time in 3 days! It is sad when your happy, smiley baby turns into a fussy, cry baby.

Please pray she will continue on this road to health so we can get out and visit family and friends.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hannah's First Camping Trip

This past weekend we decided to have some family time away from home. So we took Hannah on her first camping trip. She had a blast and was really good. She even helped Dad drive the boat and watch for logs!

We took a 27 mile boat trip to Grandpa Bob's cabin. I was worried about whether she would like the boat and be ok in her life jacket for that long. Amazingly, Hannah slept almost the whole way over and back. On the way back it was pretty bumpy but that didn't faze her a bit. Grandpa Bob, Shylo and Kenai went along with us. Hannah wasn’t the only one who slept on the boat ride! Shylo found herself a real nice pillow. I am not sure how comfy Bob was though.

Hannah didn’t take good naps on the camping trip because she was so excited about the tent she borrowed from her friend Rachael. Thankfully she was happy even without naps.
When I put her in the tent she was laying straight but after a few mins she turned herself all around :)
We also took her out to pull the shrimp pots. (I forgot the camera L ) She thought those shrimp were pretty cool. She tried to grab one but since it was still alive I wouldn’t let her get it. I am sure it would have gone straight to her mouth!

We look forward to many more family camping trips!