Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Summer Updates...

I know you are thinking, "It is about time they update their blog." I apologize it has taken me soo long. First our camera died, then the summer was so full or work and life that I just never had time! So here is a recap of some of our summer fun! I promise now that it is fall I will get better :)Hannah and her first Dolly Varden!

May Beach Baby - it was SUCH a warm summer!

Kristi's job! The Zuiderdam and one of her busses!

Hannah & Cody swimming!

4th of July Parade - Hannah's first candy diving experience! She LOVED it!

Our silly little Princess!

Hannah in the "bear cave"

Hannah LOVES to dance and sing. She always has a song on her lips and often it is one she has made up or a compilation of multiple songs.

Hannah's first "hair cut" Well not really. Her hair has not grown long enough to cut but she went with me to Maria's to get my hair cut and she was so enamored. While mine was drying Maria put Hannah in the chair and styled her hair. Hannah was so excited. When she got home she pranced around and said, "Daddy look at my beautiful haircut."

Precious girl!