Sunday, September 30, 2007

Baby Time's Room

My friend Gina came over a couple weeks ago and helped me paint Time's room (more pictures to come). What a blessing her help and inspiration was.

Then Jeremy put together baby Time's crib. That was a chore. I first had to convince Jeremy that, NO the baby can not sleep with the dogs on the dog bed. I had to explain, Yes the baby does need a crib he/she can not sleep on a toddler bed yet. I also remind him this is his child and we definitely need something similar to a cage to contain him/her for at least the first 2 years and NO a dog kennel will not due. Thankfully he heard the voice of reason and broke down and bought a crib.

Time's Due Date - Sept. 22

On Time's due date we decided to set off on a final fishing adventure!
Time never made an appearance but we did catch two nice silvers. Once we got them to the boat our trusty fishing dog made sure they were dead. No need for a bat in this boat!

Banished Dogs

Since Baby Time will be arriving any day, hopefully, we have been getting the dogs used to some limits.

One of the boundaries we set is only allowing them upstairs when they are invited. So they have taken to hanging out on the stairs, hehe. Shylo really likes to push the limits though.

Kenai Photos

Here are some pictures from my July trip to Kenai!
The Lodge in the middle is the one I use to work for.
Flats by my parents house
Road blocks

Camping Trip Before Time

Here is a picture Jeremy took of me while we were camping at Boca de Quadra. This was our final camping trip before baby Time arrives - if that day ever comes!!!

While camping Kenai discovered a new critter to chase. However, I think this critter got the best of her. She was very embarrassed and barely let me take her picture.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Time...

We had another doctor’s appointment today and she thinks it will be awhile longer. It doesn't seem as things have really progressed much. Baby Time likes it inside and doesn't want to come out just yet.

So we will give baby Time some more time, I can tell this child is going to be stubborn just like his/her dad, hehe. I have another doctor’s appointment on Friday where we will do a stress test and ultrasound to see how baby is doing. I also have the option of inducing on Friday, which I really don't want to do.

So pray baby Time will get a move on. Tomorrow, Wednesday, is a full moon, which supposedly changes the barometric pressure and is known to send women in to labor! :)

Thankfully the Lord has given me patience. I can’t wait to meet my baby but thankfully I am not too anxious or uncomfortable just yet.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Time is Taking More Time

Well today is the official due date and I am sad to say no baby yet.

We are trying though...

This morning Jeremy, my mom, the girls & I went out fishing. We didn't catch any fish ;( but we did see a huge gray whale only a few feet from the boat. I told my mom she needed to pay us $200 for the whale watching excursion. Especially since she didn't catch any fish for my freezer.

On the way back I drove the boat and hit every huge wave and wake I could find. But to my dismay I am still prego and am not having any major contractions. Oh well Time will come when he/she is ready I suppose.

P.S. I have pictures of our fishing trip but for some reason my camera won't unload them on to my computer. Hopefully I can get it to cooperate soon!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Time Baum Countdown!!

Caren Cooke & I are due the same day - Sept. 22!!
18 days (Sept. 22) until Time Baum is due.
We are getting really excited to meet our baby.

I figure with only 18 days (or less hopefully) left we should do a baby poll!

Jeremy is sure it is a boy and I have really have no idea.
For his sake, I hope it is a boy but either way I will be happy!

The names we have chosen are:

Elijah Dwight - Dwight is Jeremy's dad's name.

Hannah Noelle

What do you think Time will be and how big are you guessing??