Sunday, September 30, 2007

Baby Time's Room

My friend Gina came over a couple weeks ago and helped me paint Time's room (more pictures to come). What a blessing her help and inspiration was.

Then Jeremy put together baby Time's crib. That was a chore. I first had to convince Jeremy that, NO the baby can not sleep with the dogs on the dog bed. I had to explain, Yes the baby does need a crib he/she can not sleep on a toddler bed yet. I also remind him this is his child and we definitely need something similar to a cage to contain him/her for at least the first 2 years and NO a dog kennel will not due. Thankfully he heard the voice of reason and broke down and bought a crib.


sixwickerts said...

The room is very if you just had a baby to put in it!!

K. Nicholson said...

I wish that I was there to help paint. The room looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos.