Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Romantic Night at the Baum's

You’ve all seen pictures of the bucks Jeremy’s killed but I bet you wonder, “What does he do with all those dead deer.” Well here is your opportunity to see first hand.

Last night the Baum’s spent a ultra romantic night grinding deer meat. Yes ladies I let him do it in my kitchen and I even helped. I think I should get wife of the year award.

Anyway…once the meat was all ground we packaged some to be eaten as burger and the rest was turned into hot Hungarian sausage.

My husband playing with his meat!

This is Jeremy mixing his meat!!! I was not about to get involved in that.

For all those worried about our sanitary conditions, no need to worry any longer. Everything was sanitized before, after and during. Also, quality control was on hand at all times. Any meat that fell on the floor was quickly disposed of.