Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Mothers....Do you ever have moments where your children make huge messes and you aren't even sure where to begin? Well we had several of these during our Peruvian expedition.

No that is not chocolate. Yes that is poop.

After we stripped her down and threw her in the shower I just sat their saying now what? There was poop EVERYWHERE. Her entire bed was covered, the sides of the port-a-crib were covered, the top rails of the port-a-crib were covered. Poop was in abundance!

It gets better. Our hotel did not have any sort of laundry. They send all theirs out. What is even better, there was not a laundry mat to be found for miles.

So I jumped in the shower with a bar of bath soap and started scrubbing away. Her blanket, pillow, sheet, baby doll etc. Then I found some limes we had and cut them in half and rubbed them all over everything. That helped with the smell. Oh the smell it was AWFUL. Then we hung them on the balcony to dry in the sun. We looked so WT!

Then on our way back to the USA we were getting ready to go through customs when we smelt something. Yup more poo.

It was in her onsie all the way up her back and then seeping out her legs. Oh geez. I had no idea what to do with that much poo. Where do I even begin?

I took her to the bathroom, which had NO paper towels just a blower. So I used about one million baby wipes. Meanwhile making my daughter sit in the sink so I could bathe her. The sink was covered in poo by the time I was done. I feel bad for the people who had to clean up after us. But that is what they get for not giving me paper towels!

I had a plastic grocery bag in my diaper bag just in case we had another blow out. But I ended up throwing her onsie away because it was SOOOO gross.

Awh motherhood, ain't it grand!?!?

Monday, February 09, 2009


Here are numerous pictures from our trip to Peru! They loaded backward so the ones in Lima are at the bottom and the ones after the wedding are at the top.Casa Barco our hotel at the beach.
Our room was on the 2nd floor far left corner! The one with the towels.View from our room!
Jeremy bored again!
Hannah & her "Duck" she LOVED it!
The duck when EVERYWHERE with her.Hannah & Grandma Petty
Hannah's crab
Cousin Alexandra, the nanny & Hannah
Alexandra & Hannah
Jeremy & Hannah bird watchin at the wedding!
Hannah excited to see mom!
Grandpa Prentice & Hannah
Jeremy bored out of his mind!
Kristi's step-sisters - Krista (left) & Jenny (right)

Hannah & Great Grandpa Prentice

Friday, February 06, 2009

Florida & Disney World

Here are a few pictures from our trip!!
Hannah was really excited about being on an airplane. Here are a few photos of her. She loved watching all the other planes take off & land!
On the way to Peru we met up with Jeremy's family. It was a great time. Here are some pictures from the Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom!

Cousin Cody & Family Behind Him

Hannah LOVED the Jungle Boat Ride!
Hannah & Auntie Jess
Auntie Jess & Tanner
Hannah's Coon Hat
Bird Watching
Peru Pictures to Come!