Monday, February 09, 2009


Here are numerous pictures from our trip to Peru! They loaded backward so the ones in Lima are at the bottom and the ones after the wedding are at the top.Casa Barco our hotel at the beach.
Our room was on the 2nd floor far left corner! The one with the towels.View from our room!
Jeremy bored again!
Hannah & her "Duck" she LOVED it!
The duck when EVERYWHERE with her.Hannah & Grandma Petty
Hannah's crab
Cousin Alexandra, the nanny & Hannah
Alexandra & Hannah
Jeremy & Hannah bird watchin at the wedding!
Hannah excited to see mom!
Grandpa Prentice & Hannah
Jeremy bored out of his mind!
Kristi's step-sisters - Krista (left) & Jenny (right)


Splaktar said...

Nice pics. It was a swan, not a duck! Princesses prefer to ride swans.

rocio said...

Nice pictures! Hannah and Alexandra they look so cute!