Wednesday, August 30, 2006

School Starts...

Monday was the first day back to school. I have a great class of 8 kids! I am really excited about this school year so please pray that we have a great year!

Soon to come...
Pictures of my class :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Jeremy’s Buck Deer…

While I was gone visiting family my lonely husband set off to kill something with his trusty bow in tow. He hiked way up into the alpine and shot this beautiful Sitka Blacktail buck. Um Umm UMM this little guy is sure tasty. Tonight we cooked some of his steak up for dinner and boy was it good.

One deer down three to go…

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chena Hot Springs

One of the highlights of my trip was the day we spent at Chena Hot Springs, about 60 miles outside Fairbanks.

This is the outdoor rock pond.

This is one of their gardens - they have about 5 and one is completely organic.

Chena also has an AMAZING ice museum. I unfortunately forgot my camera but my brother brought his. So as soon as I get the pictures from him I will upload them so you can see all the amazing things they make of ice. There is a full bar, 4 bedrooms complete with ice beds, tables, chairs and much more. You can actually rent the ice museum for $500 a night, but be warned the temperature is ALWAYS below freezing.

It was a really neat place. I highly recommend it!

Friend from High School

While I was in Palmer for the dog show I saw a friend I went to high school with. We hadn't seen each other since we graduated 9 years ago. So it was a well overdue reunion!

Here is a picture of Renee, her baby Isaiah and Shylo's sisters puppy!

Here is Isaiah giving the puppy some love!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dog Show in Palmer

The dog show was a lot of fun and really busy! Shylo got 2nd her first day but after that she really started to show she was pregnant. The judges didn't seem to like her then, I think they thought she was just fat. Poor Shy...

It seemed like every morning we woke up her belly was bigger and when we went to bed it was even bigger. My poor baby girl! She isn't due until August 27th so she is still growing!

The last day of the dog show I was asked to work in the Dog Vet Clinic. I was a dogs worst enemy!

My job was to put eye drops in the dogs who came to see the Doggie Opthomologist. After I put the drops in, their eyes would dialate so the doctor could see if they had any eye problems.

I felt bad because I didn't have any doggies sunglasses and it was really sunny. There were a lot of squinty eyed dogs that day - including 4 of ours!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Leaving on a Jet plane…

Kristi is getting off the rock for two weeks! WOOHOOO!! I head to Anchorage, Thursday morning and won’t be back until the 15th.

My mom is picking me up at the airport in Anchorage and we are heading straight to Palmer for a huge dog show. We are going to try to finish Shylo’s championship! I might show her, but I am trying to get out of it because I haven’t showed in three years and I want her to do well, I might screw it up! I have a hard time prancing…

Sunday night we head for my hometown, Kenai, but I only get to stay there for two days. My brother Michael and his wife Pilar have come home from Peru so he wants to show her ALL of Alaska. So Wednesday morning we are going on tour! Our first stop is Fairbanks, then Denali, Chena Hot springs and then I end my trip with a three day stint in Anchorage.

This part I am really excited about. I am staying with one of my best friends and my college roommate, Lalanya. We are going to hit every mall, shopping center and Costco in Anchorage! Plus, we are also going to head down to Girdwood to see a college buddy who is a chef at his families restaurant the Double Musky Inn.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is off hunting Deer with his new bow...