Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dog Show in Palmer

The dog show was a lot of fun and really busy! Shylo got 2nd her first day but after that she really started to show she was pregnant. The judges didn't seem to like her then, I think they thought she was just fat. Poor Shy...

It seemed like every morning we woke up her belly was bigger and when we went to bed it was even bigger. My poor baby girl! She isn't due until August 27th so she is still growing!

The last day of the dog show I was asked to work in the Dog Vet Clinic. I was a dogs worst enemy!

My job was to put eye drops in the dogs who came to see the Doggie Opthomologist. After I put the drops in, their eyes would dialate so the doctor could see if they had any eye problems.

I felt bad because I didn't have any doggies sunglasses and it was really sunny. There were a lot of squinty eyed dogs that day - including 4 of ours!

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6wickerts said...

I'm glad you had fun, but really glad you are home....we missed you