Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baum's House Hunt

Well since hunting season is over and fishing season hasn't begun the Baum's decided to embark on a new type of hunting...House Hunting!

Let me tell you, this is SCARIER then any bear hunt. The houses in Ketchikan leave a LOT to be desired and you never know what kind of $200,000+ pit you are going to walk into.

Currently, we have settled on one house in particular. It is one of the $200,000 dollar pits I previously mentioned. However, this house does have some major potential. It is located off S. Point Higgins and is on the beach! There is a great view of Guard Island and the beach out front is really nice. That is the major selling point.

The house was built in 1979, the year Kristi was born. The upstairs in all original 70s decor. The walls and ceiling are DARK brown rough cut wood. The kitchen has dark brown cabinets and sweet orange laminate countertops. All we need to do is add some green shag carpet and a disco ball and we are grooving!

The ad for the house and a picture can be seen at the link below. But beware the ad is mostly false. It says the house has two heat sources but neither of them work!! Something that will get fixed before we sign on the line. Also, updates have NOT been done throughout the house, only a few downstairs.

Let us know what you think? We are planning a bbq on the beach shortly after we move in!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Time Baum's 1st picture

Time is very photogenic. When the picture was taken the baby was dancing all around. It was really neat.
Jeremy thinks "he", the baby, looks just like him.

What do you think?