Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hannah had a great visit with Santa & Mrs. Claus!

Hannah is 3 now and is very excited to open presents and talks about it every single day! We keep reminding her that Christmas won't come until after baby sister arrives. I am sure the first time she see's baby Katie she will want to run to the tree and open all the presents!

As far as baby Katie's arrival, it looks like Monday, December 20th Kristi will go in to be induced. We are praying baby Katie makes her own debut prior to that!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Princess Hannah Turns 3

Opening presents! She was a little excited!
 Her umbrella from her cousins & Auntie Jess
 Tiara from Uncle Michael & Aunt Pily!
 We had a Princess Ball Party! Sophie was Aurora, Hannah was Cinderella & Eve was Belle!
 A Princess Party would not be complete without a Cinderella cake!

 Even Shylo wore a dress to the ball!

Hannah & the Wild Animals

 Hannah riding bare back on the bear!
 She tamed him in no time at all!
 Watching for Salmon!
 Catching Salmon!
Trip to Cabela's outside of Seattle! She loved all the wild animals & the shooting game!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Summer Updates...

I know you are thinking, "It is about time they update their blog." I apologize it has taken me soo long. First our camera died, then the summer was so full or work and life that I just never had time! So here is a recap of some of our summer fun! I promise now that it is fall I will get better :)Hannah and her first Dolly Varden!

May Beach Baby - it was SUCH a warm summer!

Kristi's job! The Zuiderdam and one of her busses!

Hannah & Cody swimming!

4th of July Parade - Hannah's first candy diving experience! She LOVED it!

Our silly little Princess!

Hannah in the "bear cave"

Hannah LOVES to dance and sing. She always has a song on her lips and often it is one she has made up or a compilation of multiple songs.

Hannah's first "hair cut" Well not really. Her hair has not grown long enough to cut but she went with me to Maria's to get my hair cut and she was so enamored. While mine was drying Maria put Hannah in the chair and styled her hair. Hannah was so excited. When she got home she pranced around and said, "Daddy look at my beautiful haircut."

Precious girl!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Spring Puppies!!!

ok I am pretty sure the brown dog is prego. We had a REALLY bad heat cycle this time. Jeremy let her loose three times and once she actually broke down sheet rock to get out. Let's just say she is lucky to be alive because her dad almost put a bullet to her head!

So here at the end of the month we should have puppies. So who wants a German Pointing Lab or a German Wolf Dog?? Free to a good home.

Funniest part is they are due at the end of the month...about the time I have to go to Anchorage for meetings! Ahhahaha Jeremy is going to have so much fun being a single dad with new born puppies! I just hope he doesn't pull a farmer Bob on the puppies...

Monday, February 15, 2010


The beautiful Ruby Princess!
We just returned from a 10 day Caribbean cruise!

It was a last minute thing, we literally packed up in 2 hours and caught a plane headed south!

We dropped Hannah off in Lousiana to play with her cousins for the week. As you can see she didn't miss us too much.
Then we headed to Ft. Lauderdale to catch our ship. However, we missed the ship because we got stuck in a snow "storm" in Memphis, TN. Yes crazy huh! It snowed for about 5 mins then turned into rain but that shut the whole airport down. Ugh don't even get me started...But we were able to fly to St. Thomas (at our own expense) to meet the ship. We made lemonaide out of the lemons we were dealt.

In St. Thomas we stayed at a little B&B called the Galleon House it was a very clean and cute little place! We did a little sight seeing in St. Thomas but is was a pretty populated island so the next morning we hopped a ferry to St. John. We loved that island. Most of it is federal park land so only about 500 people live on the island. We rented a tent and camped at Cinnamon Bay! Check out their website and you can hear what it sounded like at night :) It was so much fun!
Also while in St. John we hiked the Reef Bay trail which was beautiful. Ruins...
Old Sugar Mill
The beach! We had the entire thing to ourselves all day!!!
The next morning we drove around the island in our rented jeep. It is such a beautiful island I can't wait to go back. The beaches are pristine and the water is perfect for swimming & snorkeling. I told Jeremy I wanted to move to that island!! Can't I trade one island for another?? Instead of bears and deer they have wild chickens, donkeys and goats all over the place :) After that we caught the ferry back to St. Thomas and boarded our ship!
The next port of call was St. Kitts where we did the St. Kitts Volcano Hike of a lifetime!
Yes I actually hiked to the top of that mountain, Mt Liamuiga ! It was about 6 miles round-trip with an over 3,700 ft elevation gain! Killer hike but definitely worth it. This was not your everyday cruiseship excursion this was intense, the kind of hiking Jeremy does when he is deer hunting!
This was the trail! You literally are crawling through roots and scrambling over rocks. Quite a hike!Neat trees! It is a cotton silk tree. Their trunks help catch the water! Pretty amazing! At the top looking down into the crater of the volcano! Pretty amazing view from up there! Our guide O'Neil! This guys is 58 years old, has 9 kids and does this killer hike 1-2 times a day!! I think he will live to be over a 100! He was amazing. He set this killer pace but did stop every so often to tell us all about the flora & fauna. He knows his stuff!

Well that is all for now! I will post some more from our trip as I get time!!