Friday, November 24, 2006

More Puppy Pictures

These pictures were taken the first time
Shylo's babies went outside to play!

Here are some pictures of when the gang was a little younger.
Doing what puppies do best - sleep!

Shylo Puppy Pictures - FINALLY

My mom finally sent pictures of Shylo's puppies. These pictures were taken at 5 weeks. They are now about 13 weeks old and have all gone to their homes. My mom did ended up keeping one girl, I am not sure what color her collar was.

Thanksgiving with Da Baums

Thanksgiving at da Baum’s is never boring. This Thanksgiving morning we arose with the sun and Jeremy set out duck hunting. He took along two junior high boys and our two very birdie dogs. Boy, I am not sure who was more excited the girls or the boys!

The boys, Kenny & Austin, shot off about a box and a half of shells (that’s about 30 shells) but they never hit a single duck, hehe. It was their first time so you have to give them a break.

Every time the boys would shoot like mad the girls would go crazy. Shylo, over eagerly, kept diving off the boat. She isn’t use to ducks not falling from the sky after the shots ring out. But to her discontent no ducks were falling.

Lucky for the girls Jeremy helped them out. He shot one duck and showed the boys how it is done! My, oh my was Shylo, our lab, excited. She dove off the boat in search of the one downed duck. Meanwhile Kenai, the pointer, sat in the boat whining.

Then as soon as Shylo brought the duck back Kenai proceeded to steal it.

Shylo just can't get enough fetching in!

This is a picture of the girls after the big hunt.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Da Baum Life Lately...

Summer and the fishing season are over and hunting season is in full swing.

Jeremy has been out chasing deer with his bow. So far he has shot three bucks, only one more to go. But he sure is working hard for that 4th buck. Seems like everywhere he goes there is too much human sign or there are no deer. The other day he hiked for 6 hours and didn’t see a single deer in a spot where usually the deer are pretty thick. Instead he found a lot of garbage and marker ribbons. Pretty discouraging, but God is faithful and he will provide when the time is right.

As for Kristi…well I have been really busy with school and church. If I am not at school then I am usually at home being a wife, out having coffee with a girlfriend, out hiking or at some church function.

Life in Ketchikan is so simplistic and wonderful!!!