Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hannah's First Camping Trip

This past weekend we decided to have some family time away from home. So we took Hannah on her first camping trip. She had a blast and was really good. She even helped Dad drive the boat and watch for logs!

We took a 27 mile boat trip to Grandpa Bob's cabin. I was worried about whether she would like the boat and be ok in her life jacket for that long. Amazingly, Hannah slept almost the whole way over and back. On the way back it was pretty bumpy but that didn't faze her a bit. Grandpa Bob, Shylo and Kenai went along with us. Hannah wasn’t the only one who slept on the boat ride! Shylo found herself a real nice pillow. I am not sure how comfy Bob was though.

Hannah didn’t take good naps on the camping trip because she was so excited about the tent she borrowed from her friend Rachael. Thankfully she was happy even without naps.
When I put her in the tent she was laying straight but after a few mins she turned herself all around :)
We also took her out to pull the shrimp pots. (I forgot the camera L ) She thought those shrimp were pretty cool. She tried to grab one but since it was still alive I wouldn’t let her get it. I am sure it would have gone straight to her mouth!

We look forward to many more family camping trips!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! It looks like a fun time had by all!

Rosie, Scott and Jenna

The Day's said...

I'm so glad Hannah liked Rachael's tent! I mean who wouldn't? I myself love sleeping in a tent.

Matt Caren Meadow Logan & Brennen said...

How fun!