Sunday, July 08, 2007

Da Baum's as Kids

As we are looking forward to the birth of our 1st child,
we took a look back at some of our childhood photos.
Some are definitely worth sharing!

Jeremy's 1st Birthday
Jeremy's 1st steps
Jeremy's 1st Beer
Jeremy's 1st Deer
Jeremy's 1st fish
Kristi as a baby - held by her brother!
1st time Kristi was dropped on her head! just kidding!
Kristi as a little girl!
Kristi and her brother Michael
Kristi trout fishing

Kristi's Trout!


6wickerts said...

That is just too cute! Great pics and great idea. We miss you down here in Ketchikan, come back soon :)

Michael said...

Nice pictures, but I'm pretty sure that is my trout!