Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things I've learned

So I've learned something about myself since getting married and having children. I know you're surprised about this...Haha

One thing I've learned is to let go. I used to be very systematic about things. For example; everything in my cupboards always went a certain way. You could look in my cupboards on any given day and it was complete organization. Small plates stacked on top of bigger plates, bowls nicely nesting inside one another. It was cozy cupboard love.

Then I got married and found plates on top of bowls and little plates under big plates, you get the point.  It used to drive me insane. Now I've learned to let go and be happy the dishes are clean.
Now a clean dog...that is another story.

I also used to hang my clothes according to color. It was like looking at a happy bag of skittles everytime I opened my closest. Now I'm lucky to get the clothes hung up. Sometimes I'm in such a hurry to get it all done, while the children are not needing me, I fold them inside out and stuff them in the drawers.

Again letting go. I do cringe a little bit from time to time. But then I think, what is more important? Playing legos with my 3 year old or having complete order in my house? There will always be housework but my 3 year old will someday be 18 and leaving the nest. I can organize my cupboards then.

*Side note: this does not mean it looks like a bomb or in my case 4 Baums went off in my house. I do clean just don't organize every single detail of my house. It is a more macrocleaning then a microcleaning (yeah I took economics in college.)

It has taken me awhile to get to this point but it all comes down to what is important in life. When I get to Heaven is God going to say, "Well done thy good and faithful servant! You maintained an organized closet and cupboards. However, you were too busy mainting those things to truly nurture your children." Or is he going to say, "Well done thy good and faithful servant! You have raised two amazing godly woman."


Anonymous said...

Nice post, Kristy! Wish I would have learned to nurture better! I guess it is never too late, there are 9 grandchildren!! Love ya, Jan A.

Clint, Tanya, Dane and Kimber said...

Hi Guys! Love the updates! I totally get what you mean about letting go! I've learned all about it as well! Great pictures and your kiddos are super cute!
Take care

AKMark said...

AWESOME!! Some people spend there entire lives worrying about things. God is ALL about relationships and so should we be. Love that you learned this so early on!! Wish I would have ;o)