Friday, August 26, 2011

Boating with kids

Boating with kids can be a grand adventure or a total disaster! There are a couple things you must have to make it a success.

#1 - Good Weather! Be sure to check the forecast ahead of time. You really do NOT want to get stuck in bad weather with little ones.

#2 - Larger boat with an enclosed cabin
#3 - Heater on above mentioned boat - cold kids means cranky kids. Cold mama means super cranky mama!
#4 - Lots of great snacks - for some reason everyone is hungry all the time while on the boat. Donuts are a must have according to my oldest daughter!
#5 - Juice boxes - keeps juice from spilling all over the place when the boat rocks.
This is mama sans a cup of coffee but with super awesome camping hair
#6 - Coffee - lots of coffee to keep Mama awake and warm.

#7 - Fishing poles - kids LOVE to fish. Mama LOVES to catch fish! Or just give the kid a bait fish to play with, that always works too!
#8 - Sleeping bags and blankets! Kids love to play in them and when mama gets tired she likes to roll up in them and let dad run the show while she naps.

#9 - A rubber Raft - it is great for rowing to shore but can also be filled up with water to make a great swimming pool or bathtub!

#10 - Portable DVD player - when they get REALLY bored I bring this out as my secret weapon. But use only as a last means of sanity.
#11 - Last but definitely not least! Always make sure your little fish are wearing their life jackets! They must wear them if outside of the cabin or if you are in rough seas! Remember kids don't float and they sure look cute all squished in a life jacket :) hehe Start them young and as they grow they don't mind it at all!

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