Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The bear hunt...

Well last week I asked my ever-loving husband if we could go for a boat ride after work. He said, "Sure, I'll grab my bow in case we see a bear." Me thinking, yeah right I've never seen a bear out in the boat says, "Ok." Well we went back into the salt chuck in Trader's Cove and sure enough there were 2 black bears. So I dropped my camo-donning husband off on the beach and pulled the boat back to a safe viewing distance. Meanwhile, our bloodthirsty k-9 was freaking out because she had to stay in the boat and couldn’t help dad go kill something. Well sure enough Jeremy sneaks within 30 feet of this bear – who has NO clue his life is about to be taken – and let’s an arrow loose piercing the lung and main artery of this poor little bear. Well that bear took off up the hill and died before he even knew what happened. I beached the boat and let the k-9 go find the blood trail. Then Jeremy and Kenai went in after the bear and I stayed a safe distance incase it wasn’t dead. When I was told it was safe I crawled up so see this dead bear. Kenai – our German shorthaired pointer was in a full point. It was the funniest thing – she is supposed to be a bird-pointing dog, not a bear-pointing dog. Well then I had to help my husband pull this bear out onto the beach. Have you ever held a WARM bear paw in your hand….ewiiiee kind of gave me the heebie jeebies. Then we gutted and skinned most of it so we could get it in the boat. My what an adventure we had!!!


6wickerts said... are one comitted wife!! Is killing, skinning and gutting a bear really your guys idea of a romantic night out?? Guess that's Alaska for ya!

Ken and Bonnie said...

Hey, now that is the way to do a day!! Congrats on the bear meat! Kristi, you are a true Alaskan wife! By the way, thanks for taking John and Trista out fishing while they were here. They had a great time.

Jenn said...

Jeremy, you definately married the right woman. I'm impressed.

Eric & Sarah said...

Great bear story Kristi! Are you guys going to eat the bear? I've had some before and it was pretty good.
How are you both? You sound good. We're in GA now and doing good. Eric's doing well in school, just counting down the tests.
We're doing some exploring seeing the old parts of our country. Lots of old forts here.
We really miss you guys!

ken said...

you guys rule.....I mean, you RULE! Kristi, you are a great writer. Natural, and funny. Please do this, just write about your lives. Kind of a journal-thing. Just be yourself. Write like you wrote the bear story. Even if you never publish it, your kids, grandkids, and all the rest of us who love you will laugh and cry as we read about the wonderful adventures you guys have. Love ya. Keep up the good work, which means just be yourselves. Bless you.