Thursday, May 03, 2007

House Closed?

Well we aren't sure if the house has closed yet but we signed all the papers last Wednesday. We were just waiting on the owner to find some paperwork. I guess the house is in the name of his trust, not his name and he didn't have proof he could actually sell it.

They gave us a key last Wednesday and told us we could start remodeling the place too. The key turned out to be to the owner's house, :) which is right next door. He lives in Palm Springs & only comes up in the summer. Then on Thursday Jeremy started ripping down walls, beams and more. Then this week I started ripping up carpet and painting. So we hope we own the place!

Saturday morning I have asked come ladies from church to come over and help me clean it. (I hate having to ask for help and not being able to do it all myself but I think God is teaching me to let go of some control!) The place has been a rental for quite some time and the last tenants were evicted. So they left a lot of stuff (bar of soap & body hair in the shower even ) and did not clean- at all. Plus, the house has been vacant for several months so the spiders and dust mites have made it their home. Talk about GROSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

I will try to get some pictures up soon. Jeremy leaves on the 10th for the entire month of May so I will have plenty of time to blog then! Although that is about the time I start back up with the cruise ships  YIPEEE

Take care & God Bless!

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6wickerts said...

I had fun cleaning today!! Even though the toilet bowl was bright orange and the shower was black and hairy!!! I think all of the ladies helping today are all clean freaks, so you know a good job was done :)