Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hanging with dad...

Kristi went back to work in early May
so dad has been spending more time with the kid!

One day they ate blueberries together!

Another day they sat around in their undies together!

But most days they work outside. Yesterday Hannah and Dad went for a walk, played in the sand and burnt brush.

Hannah's favorite part was playing with and eating the sand!


Clint, Tanya, and Dane said...

Holy cow... what a cute little girl! I love the pics! So glad that you finally posted some, but I totally know how it is to be super busy with work and everything!

Splaktar said...

Mmm... sand... I miss the taste of sand.

The Day's said...

That first picture is the cutest!! I love it! Oh, they're all cute. Sounds like Hannah and Dad are having fun.