Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hannah's 2nd Camping Trip

Well Hannah is only 8 months old but she's already been camping twice. (She looks chunky in this photo but that is just because her life vest is smashing her face up!)

She is a champ when it comes to camping. She loves boat rides and usually falls asleep on the boat.

During this camping trip Grandpa & Grandma Baum, Grandpa Bob and the dogs all came along with us! It was beautiful weather, something of a rarety this summer.Grandma Baum - Hannah looks a lot like her!Jeremy & Grandpa Baum - the two daydreamers!

Eating lunch in the cabin!

We went out to Grandpa Bob's cabin in Sunny Cove.

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Splaktar said...

You guys must have started out early! Hannah doesn't quite look like she's ready to wake up!

Nice pictures. The water is super calm and beautiful.