Saturday, August 16, 2008

Deer Season is Here!

Jeremy and my step-dad Ken hiked to the top of a mountain last week to go deer hunting! They were blessed with 4 deer. Almost more than they could pack out in several trips!
Taking a break! They hiked a couple miles up a logging road!
Then they killed stuff!
Then they cleaned their kills!
I put this one up especially for my friends Jenn & Helen because I know they will love it!! hehe

They were truly blessed!
The week they went hunting was the nicest we've had ALL summer! It was sunny, clear and hot every single day!


Splaktar said...

Really great looking deer there! You need to smoke some of that and bring it down to Peru! Glad to see that Ken was able to visit.

Pily was pretty sad seeing Bambi all naked (and dead). But I just thought about how much meat you must have gotten from 4 deer!

David, Jenn, and Abby said...

That is truly disgusting. At least it's not hanging in your bathroom..:)

Clint, Tanya, and Dane said...

Awesome! Great job Jeremy and Ken! Glad to see that you had some success. We loved the pictures, what beautiful country as well!

sixwickerts said...

THAT is gross! But I guess I should get used to it. As the boys get older, thanks to your husbands influence I'm sure I will also have dead stuff hanging around the place too!

Carson's Page said...

You should send some meat this way, we do not have deer in Hawaii. Looks like the weather was nice, I do not remeber what rain feels like. When are you guys going to come visit?

Julie said...

Mmmmmm....yum yum venison! We just had some back strap from a recent kill for lunch today! We're glad you had such a successful hunt!