Thursday, January 22, 2009

Disney World & Peru

We had a fabulous time at Disney World with Jeremy's family. It was pretty wild at times but overall it was an enjoyable experience and Hannah LOVED it! I think she may have liked it more than her older cousins :) We did Magic Kingdom one day and Animal Kingdom the other day.

Then we hopped a plane to Peru last night and arrived here safely early (1am Alaska time) this morning. We spent today sleeping, laying by the pool, eating yummy Peruvian fruit and Kristi got a fabulous Peruvian facial and can't wait to have her pedicure & manicure tomorrow! Hannah has been enjoying playing with her grandparents and has already gone on an adventure to the beach with them!

I will get some pictures posted ASAP!

Pray we all stay healthy and safe! See you soon!


Clint, Tanya, and Dane said...

Have Fun!!!

sixwickerts said...

Good to hear some news!! Have a GREAT time....spoil yourself with much pampering :)

Cooke family said...

Sounds fun! I'm looking forward to pictures!

The Day's said...

I've been thinking about you tons! We miss you lots and Rachael needs her friend back, and I do too! We went down South Point Higgins the other day and she immediately said "Hannah". Can't wait to see you when you get back!