Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hannah Dressed Herself! Then Mom!

Yes she did this ALL by herself!
This is how it started! Ta Da The Finished Product!!
Hannah loves to play dress up.
Maybe I should get her some dress up dresses
to play with instead if my underwear! :)
After she finished dressing herself she turned her "magic" on me!
This time she included some of her "underwear."


Ketchikan Walkers said...

Way to go Hahnah, you're too cute!

Pickrell Pirates said...

So... you're just going to let your daughter go out in public dressed entirely in panties, is that it?! Haha, it's all too cute. I could just imagine her going through your underwear and thinking, "Ooo, this is pretty," as she drapes the frillies around her neck. Yes, I do strongly recommend a change in wardrobe. :)

Anonymous said...

dear Kids, Thats my Hanny,so serious about getting the job done but what a comedian! happy to see these moments in pictures and or videios. Grandma wants to make her a dress put will wait until after back surgery. Love grandma

Clint, Tanya, and Dane said...

What a cutie! Isn't their curiosity amazing!

Mark said...

She definitely got your fashion style ;o)