Saturday, May 02, 2009

Family Addition

Don't ask me how but we have a new pet!! Hannah absolutely LOVES her!

Hannah has almost prefected the bunny stalk!
She catches her bunny 2 out of 3 times! Her dad is proud!
Hannah asks about a million times a day if she can hold her bunny!

She loves giving the bunny hugs!

"Pet her!"
The bunny gets a little annoyed but never bites Hannah! Even when Hannah is holding her by the back legs!


Mark said...

When you eat the rabbit, don't tell Hannah it is chicken, like my folks did to me. But, it taught me not to make pets out of dinner projects ;o).
Thanks for putting up the pics!! Withdrawal symptoms have subsided!!!

Splaktar said...

Woo! How cute and fun! Pily is jealous, she has wanted a bunny forever. Glad to hear it doesn't bite.

Does it have a name? EagleBait?

Pickrell Pirates said...

Yeah, I must admit I was really surprised you guys ended up with the bunny. But she sounds like a great pet. How are the dogs taking to the new member of the family?

sixwickerts said...

Awesome, I always had bunnies for pets and then when they got older and started to bite they became good dinner! Anyway I'm glad Hannah gets to experience having a bunny at least for a while. Miss you guys, hope all is well and your addition gets in high gear this summer.