Tuesday, June 23, 2009

20 Months of Joy

Hannah is now 20 months old! How did this happen so fast? In 4 short months my little baby will be 2 years old! It seems like just yesterday I was posting her newborn pictures, now here are some of her at 20 months!

Last night Jeremy was working on the roof (pictures to come later). Hannah wanted to play with her dad so she was standing at the door yelling up at him. "Daddy, COME! Daddy COME!." Well he just smiled & waved. So she proceeded to yell, "Daddy COME!!!!" some more. He didn't come. So then she said, "Daddy Listen! Daddy Come!" I almost fell over laughing!
Daddy stopped what he was doing & came!
Hannah still loves her rabbit, I am not sure the rabbit still loves Hannah!


Cooke family said...


sixwickerts said...

She is so big! We are hoping to see you this summer :) Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...


Are you sure you counted right? What happened to month 13 and 14 and 15...????

Thanks for the Hannah pics.