Saturday, August 22, 2009

House Updates for Jasen!

Our friend Jasen rarely leaves messages on our blog but
the other day he left one asking to see updates on our house!
So Jasen this post if especially for you!!!

Front of the house - ocean side! Window's on bottom are covered with tyvek for now!

Water tank house & front!

More of the front - ocean side

Side where the water tank use to be. Now is apartment entrance!

Left side of the house - where the apartment/in-laws quarters will be!
Watch for more!!!


Cooke family said...

Looking nice!

David, Jenn, and Abby said...

I can't believe how different it looks! Hope you all are well!

sixwickerts said...

Thank you so much it looks awesome. I bet Jeremy is pleased that it is all dried in and anxious to get the siding up. It is nice to see it coming together and I'm sure there will be time this winter finishing up the inside. Thanks for the pics and look forward to more following. God bless you guys!


Splaktar said...

Cool, but we need more pictures and video of the Hannah the superstar!

Mark said...

How does Jeremy find time to work, fish and hunt with all of the reconstruction he is doing? Ohhh to be young again, NOT!

Eric & Sarah said...

Your house looks great!
I wish we had had a chance to say goodbye to you guys, but hopefully we'll meet up again some time. Come see us if you ever get down our way!

Anonymous said...

dear loved ones,
dearest hannie, you do look sooo beautiful in your new haircut! Thank you so much for getting back online even though you aren't feeling that well. those pictures mean so much to us . love grandma