Monday, May 28, 2012

Kegan Cove Camping Trip

This is a post from last September that never got published for some reason!

It was a great camping trip to the Kegan Bay Cabin. It is a brand new cabin with a great deck and incredible bear viewing. We sat on the deck and watched 3 black bears catching salmon in the river. What an incredible experience. Hannah has so much fun and of course she named all the bears!

This one is Rainbow Blue...

Another one was Rainbow Cherry and then there was Rainbow Strawberry...

I think she may have a little hippie in her! :)

We didn't try our hand at any salmon fishing as we've already filled the freezer with salmon. But we did catch this nice Rainbow! He was about 2lbs and he fed our family nicely!

Also on our camping trip we caught a bunch of shrimp and crab! We sauteed up the shrimp with some garlic butter and oooohh la la that was scrumdiliumptious!

As for the crab we cooked it with my favorite shrimp and crab boil!

Warning! This stuff is spicy goodness in a bag!
So if you don't like it spicy just add a little or don't let it soak very long!
As for me I LOVE it spicy so I put in a whole lot and let it soak for about 20 mins or so! It will make a grown man (or woman) sweat and smile at the same time!

Then tonight I made a quick and yummy luscious lemon basil and crab pasta with the leftover crab.

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