Monday, April 17, 2006

Kenai the Killer

This is Kenai - our German short-haired pointer. She is a bird brain. She loves to hunt as much, if not more than, her dad. We recently put a bird feeder outside our window in the living room and it has become the official bird TV. It is like ESPN for Kenai dogs, live action all day long.

Kenai is a highly intelligent dog, sometimes too smart for her own good – she recently learned how to open doors. Her sister Shylo has been opening them for her for the past two years but just this week Kenai started doing it for herself. I now have to lock the door when I want to lock them on the porch. Otherwise they just let themselves back in.

Kenai’s other activities include sleeping on the bed, going for long runs and beating up on her sister Shylo. Kenai loves to be the center of attention and just can’t stand it when she isn’t. But she is our princess so she often is at the center!

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fishthewest said...

I love my German Shorthair too and she is a killer at heart. Just got herself a new playtoy: The Neighborhood BlueJay!