Monday, April 17, 2006


This is Shylo or as we call her Shylo Ann. We tend to use her middle name often because she is always in some sort of pickle. She is always beating herself up. Currently she has a ripped up toe nail and a 1 inch gash in her leg. If it isn't that she is getting into something she shouldn't be or leaving her hair all over the place.

But she is the sweetest dog ever! Next month she is flying up to my parent’s house where she will receive invetro and become a mother for the first time. So Jeremy and I will be proud grandparents! Check out the sperm donor (Striker is his name) at These are going to be some water loving, ball chasing, sweet puppies! She will be gone for about 16 weeks and boy will I miss her.

Shylo's favorite activities include bouy fetching, swimming, fetching balls, hiking, fetching sticks, swimming while fetching something and sleeping on the bed.

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