Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bakewell Lake Cabin

This past week Jeremy and I took the boat out into the Misty Fjords and hiked or rather bushwhacked our way into the Bakewell Lake cabin. The hike was supposed to be a 2-mile hike, no problem I thought. However, there was only a trail for about half-a-mile. So the other mile and a half we had to hike through marsh and thick vegetation. I was about to go crazy at one point because I got stuck in this big bush, it was not fun.

Fortunately the fishing made this trip worthwhile. We finally got to the cabin and after we got settled we took the row boat out for a sunset fishingtrip. I caught a nice 15 inch rainbow and Jeremy caught an 18 incher, finally he catches a bigger fish than mine.

The next morning I got up and went for a swim in the rain. It was a blast. The water was pretty warm. After a lot of pleading I finally got my husband to jump in with me. But he screamed like a girl and got right out saying it was to cold!

That afternoon before we hiked out Jeremy, the chef extraordinaire cooked up our trout. We had brought wheat things with us so he crushed them up and coated the fish with them and salmon berries! It was delicious.

After our scrumptious meal we hiked out, but stopped to fish the creek. Wow talk about hot trout fishing. Every cast I caught a rainbow, cutthroat or dolly. They loved my spinner. Jeremy had almost equal luck with his fly rod. But I think I kept fishing all the holes out before he could get his line in the water!

Next week look for pictures of our snorkeling trip – if the weather cooperates!


Matt Caren Meadow & Logan said...

I used to love to swim in the rain! I even went once when it was snowing. The ocean actually felt warmer than the air. My mom had to make a rule that it had to be at least 55 degrees for me to go swimming!

Jeremy and Kristi said...

That is awesome! Hahaha