Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hungry Hannah

Hannah has started eating solids.

She is going through this major growth spurt. We can't seem to keep her full and she gets VERY upset when she is hungry (I think she gets that from her mom) so we decided to start her on some solids.

I started with rice cereal...

But as you can see she got more on her than in her. She HATES rice cereal. She spits it back out. I have even tried mixing it with banana, peas, carrots but nope. The only way she will kind of eat it is mixed with sweet potatoes - her favorite food (she gets that from her mom too).

Jeremy can't believe his little girl likes sweet potatoes. Dad thinks they are the most disgusting food on the planet. But not little miss. You bring a spoon full of sweet potatoes to her mouth and she is smiling, kicking, waving her arms and going ummmmm - all at the same time.

It is pretty hilarious. I am still trying to get some video of that. It is a little hard to feed a hungry baby and video it at the same time. If I am not shoveling it in fast enough she gets pretty testy.

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Veta said...

Most babies love sweet potatoes. To this day my Jeremy still likes them, with marshmallows of course. It is actually a very good food to start babies on. Also the actual sweet potatoes, the green ones. They are different but very easy to cook up and puree in a blender. Cheaper too and it can be frozen as well. Good luck with the food