Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Airplane Food

When I was a little girl I remember my dad feeding me and pretending my spoon was an airplane and my mouth was the hanger. Well the other day Jeremy did the same thing with his little girl. It was hilarious. Unfortunately I couldn't find the camera. But today I was ready with the camera!

She is hilarious!


Mark said...

What an Awesome video!!! I remember how you loved that "trick" when you, Kristi, were about that age! Hannah is SO in to it that it just makes me laugh out loud, the girl has NO trouble expressing her feelings!!!
Thanks for the post!! Pops

grandma baum said...

Dear Jeremy and Kristi, Sure enjoyed watching this vidio of H annah eating. I look forward to spending time with her soon! Grandpa has been ill with a virus and went to rhematologist to get help from this specialist. Much pain in mutiple joints. He is feeling better and out gardening and we plan on taking a little camping trip next week. Hopefully Ryan , Jess, and kids will be well enough to go. Pray for Jess as she is having pain and weakness in left shoulder and arm again! Had MRI yesterday. Hope you all are well. Jess has been unable to get their computer to work. Love Mom.