Friday, March 07, 2008

Pea Face

Here are some photos and video of Hannah eating peas!
She finally decided she likes peas.
Especially if mixed with pears!

Here they come... Yummy...
Ummm...More Peas Please
The end product!Hannah's other favorite food is her toes!
She loves sucking on them!

This is a video of Hannah eating.
She gets really excited about food!

In this next video she stole my spoon
and flung peas all over!


Anonymous said...

swae family, I enjoyed watching little Hannah eat. There was once cip where i recalled jeremy big time with a certain look! Love always grandma B.

Anonymous said...

Dear Family, excuse my terrible typing error! I meant to say there was a clip where I recall a look of JeremY. love Grandma B

Splaktar said...

Mmmm.. Green!