Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hannah Turns One Year Old

On October 6th our little baby became a toddler. It is so weird to think she is already one! It sure does fly by.

Here are some pictures from her birthday party. It was a costume party with an animal theme. Hannah was a lobster! Talk about cute! Sierra the shy cat!Juliette the mischievous tiger!
Maya the giant giraffe
Sophie the silly monkey
Rachael the friendly frogMeadow the panting dogLindsey the ballerina
(someone had to tame all the wild animals)
All the kids, sorta!

I have some more pictures and a video but I will post those later!


Matt Caren Meadow Logan Brennen Doh! said...

Cute pictures! That was a fun party!

Splaktar said...

Haha, what a party! Very cute pictures, thanks!

gladbooks said...

Happy birthday to Hannah! I agree, that year went by quickly. Great party idea - the kids all look so cute. :)