Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hysterical Hannah & Her Dog

Hannah was playing fetch with Shylo the other day. This is pretty funny!


Splaktar said...

Haha, what a laugh. She certainly has some energy!

Pily almost freaked out when she saw her lick the slobbery dog ball though. She's been studying a lot of the parasites and things carried by dogs lately. Doctors... always paranoid!

Thanks for the video!

Mark said...

WOW!! What a "Funny Girl" we have!! She sure enjoys her dogs and has no fear of be trampled. I think you should have let her lick the ball more to build up her immune system ;o, she probably does that when you aren't looking. Thanks for sharing, loved it!!

Jeremy,Kristi and Hannah said...

We make sure to de-parasite our dogs every 6 months so tell Pily not to worry!! Plus living in a cold climate has it benefits. We definitely don't get the kind of parasites and bugs you guys get in those warmer climates!