Thursday, September 28, 2006

Da Baum Squad

Today we celebrated one month of school! Yipee, one down and nine more to go! Here are some pictures of my class, otherwise known as the Baum Squad!

Becky always had pictures of her kids working hard so I thougth I would follow suit and put a couple pictures of my hardworking students!

Jaden and Alex - Kindergarteners

Brenden and Brandon - 2nd graders

As you can tell Jaden does not like his kindergarten buddy Alex at all!

Please keep my class and our school in your prayers. Thankfully the Lord blessed me with a great class this year but we could always use your prayers!


6wickerts said...

What cute pictures!! Thanks for being such a great teacher, Jaden loves school, and has already learned so much. It's fun to see him grow :)

wendy said...

Looks like your off to a good year. I know they will have a great time, Tommy sure did.

Becky said...

Fun pictures! Those little guys sure are cute. Glad you're having fun with them. :)