Sunday, September 17, 2006

Iron Roughneck - pumpkin pie anyone?

A guy in the Kenai area, Kristi's hometown, grew this gigantic pumpkin in his greenhouse. It weighs 1,016lbs and is 5 feet wide, 46 inches from blossom to stem and 39 inches tall.

This picture was taken by Kristi's dad at the Kenai Safeway!

The guy began growing the pumpkin seed March 25 in moist paper towels. It sprouted two days later and was transplanted to soil. Then on May 28, he manually pollinated the plant and a pumpkin began to grow days later, but it wasn’t growing in the ideal location. It grew off the second vine, instead of the main vine.

The vines are the supply lines to the pumpkin, which at its peak will consume 100 to 120 gallons of water a day. I can't even imagine how long it takes to water that baby! It is amazing it got so big because the secondary vine is roughly the size of a garden hose, as opposed to the fire hose-sized main vine.

The pumpkin also developed many tiny cracks and blemishes that would heal, then redevelop, then heal again in a constant cycle throughout the gourd’s growth. This is how the pumpkin got the name “Iron Roughneck”.

My question is, how many pies is that baby going to make!?!?!


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And I thought obesity was a "people" problem!!!