Saturday, September 30, 2006


Da Baums are head to Florida for a much needed vacation. Yes we are going to try to kill something on this vacation. It wouldn't be much of a vacation if we didn't.

Between Yakatat, cruise ship season, Ketchikan business, Wrangle, hunting season, school and fishery openings, we haven’t gotten to see much of each other. Thus we decided to escape to warm, sunny Destin, Florida.

Thankfully we have family there and they have a boat!

For the next 9 days we intend on catching some rays (something we haven't seen in Ketchikan for awhile). We also hope to catch at least one of the following; billfish, sailfish, white marlin, blue marlin, dolphin, wahoo, grouper, warsaw, amberjack, scamp, triggerfish, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, king mackerel, tarpon or blackfin tuna!

As you can see there are a lot of fish to be caught in the Destin area. So Jeremy is just giddy with pleasure! I am hoping to catch a gator but I don't know how well that will work.

Jeremy’s dad has been out finding all the good fishing spots and testing the lures. So hopefully we will be dialed in to do some serious fishing!

Also, Destin has a HUGE Target so I plan on doing a little shopping too!


wendy said...

sounds like fun. can't wait to see what kind of fish you guys get.

6wickerts said...

Have a fabulous vacation!! I must say I am a little envious.....ok ALOT envious :) Jaden is doing good with Miss Henrick, I think the fact that she plays soccer with him helps! He does miss Mrs. Baum though, so don't get too comfortable down there. Have a great time together :+

Shepard Cropp said...

Destin is a really beautiful place to be in flordia. My sister went down with the youth group. she loved and the beaches are really pretty there white. hope you enjoy your vaction ash

6wickerts said...